Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hello Lent!

The fun you can have with friends! To start out with, I am Jewish; born and raised. But pretty much every friend I have is Christian. This means that they get to celebrate holidays with me and I get to celebrate with them. Yesterday was Fat Tuesday. I have always heard about the holiday but had no idea what Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Lent, etc. all meant. I soon learned the minute I got to work the definitions and all about King Cake. (Which sounds gross to me)

So on Tuesdays, Ali (the type-A, legal pad for everything, friend I love), Carrie (my quirky interior designer, friend I love) and I always get together to walk and workout. Typically, we try to eat healthy which normally includes Zoe's or something homemade, but because they are getting ready for lent and they are giving up fried foods and carbs, this meant MEXICAN FIESTA! So after our walk, we headed to a Mexican restaurant and loaded up on cheese dip, chips, guacamole, quesadillas and more. We definitely rang in Fat Tuesday considering the definition I was given in the morning.

After dinner, we were on the way back to Ali's so we could all go on our way when Ali's husband Joe called and said he got into a car accident. Being the good wife Ali is, she asked if we could do anything for him or if we needed to come by since we were pretty close. Of course Joe said NO, and of course good wife Ali thought we should anyways. Carrie loves to be the driver so into getaway driver role she got and we went to look for Joe! After about 10 minutes, we decided we WAY away from where he could be and ended up missing him.

End of a long story... Any simple night out with Ali and Carrie can lead to spying on husbands. Better watch out!


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