Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Night out with the Girls

Friday was the Pioneer Woman book signing and it was so much fun! My mom and I picked up Angie (CFA Office Manager and Friend) and headed down to Borders at 3pm to pick up our wristbands. Even though the signing didnt start till 6pm, they were hot comodity. Next, we made a pit stop to visit Ali and Wilson since poor baby Wilson was nutered the day before. This also helped waste some extra time we had. When we arrived back at Borders to get inline for the book signing, Dawn (Mom's Best Friend) and Devin (Dawn's Daughter) were there and waiting for us. So we waited....and waited... and waited to be called. We will in group number E so we were the 5th group in. While we were there we saw some CFA Home Office staff and even Ann Hughston (Ali's Sister-In-Law). The Pioneer Woman decided to bring along her husband, Marlboro Man and her two sons, Bryce and Todd. We got autographs and pictures and it was a blast! So excited to have been able to share this experience. Below are pictures I took of everyone....


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