Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Crazy, Busy Life

Life has defintely gotten away from me for the past few weeks. I hardly have time to think, eat, go to the bathroom! or even keep up blogging. I really wanted to post things on here atleast 4 times a week. So I am now challenging myself to post one thing, big or small, a week! If I can give up soda for a YEAR, I can write a blog once a day.

So over the past few weeks this is what I have been doing...

Junior League Meetings/Functions
Bridal Showers
Planning Meetings/Working on my May Bride's Wedding
Spending time with my sister, family and dogs
Walking... ALOT!
Working out
Planning our 2nd Annual Relay for Life Lemonade Squeeze
Planning the Mother/Daughter Tea Party
Planning Relay for Life 2011
Attending school functions for work
Tea Party Research
 Hanging out with friends

So its been alittle crazy around here!

Here are some pictures from my latest work event: Our 2nd Annual Relay for Life Lemonade Squeeze.
                                                               The Winners: Yellow Cobras


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