Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Galactic Night

There are many parts to my job. One happens to be planning large events every month for the store for families and children. I was asked this week by a very good friend if I just sat around and these crazy ideas some how come to me or if they are already dreamed up by someone else. Typically, I come up with the events during a yearly Marketing Plan Session but this event was definitely not my idea. This month it was Galactic Night! Recently there have been some changes at work so I have acquired all the events left on the 2011 calendar. When I was given Galactic Night (Must say this in a TV booming voice!) I thought What The French! I know nothing about Star Wars, Star Trek or any of the above. And neither does my dad :) So I started to google everything and google I did for two days before I found lots of ideas!

One idea was from a blog I read about having a party at a local fencing club. So I googled Fencing Clubs in Cherokee County. I mean we are in the sticks! I was fairly certain that rednecks don't like to 'Fence'. Well I was WAY wrong! Cherokee Fencing Club popped up and we were in business! One phone call and a meeting later, I had convinced this really nice guy of my crazy plan. We would clear out part of the restaurant and they would come and setup and teach the kids (or kid like adults) how to fight with light sabers. So that was the big event settled, now was decorations and the FREE giveaway. We would have face painting and free ice dream sundaes for everyone.

My mom works with me as my right and left hand, So Friday night before the big event, it was time to do the major decorating. We hung black fabric from the ceiling and in between the fabric we hung star cutouts, planet cutouts and much more. All from the School Box! My favorite place ever and some of the nicest people. We were at work till 4am which was crazy  and back at work by 1pm the next day.

We also turned a normal Ice Dream Bar into the Spacetastic Sundae Bar! (Say this with a booming TV voice as well) We had Vanilla Ice Dream which was Vader Vanilla and multiple toppings with fun names. Asteroids = Our Granola Chocolate Chip Cookie pieces, Meteoroids = Mini M & M's, Astronauts = Sour Patch Kids, Alien Worms = Sour Gummy Worms, Moon dust = Silver Dust Sprinkles, Stars = Star Sprinkles, Clouds = Whipped Cream

Needless to say, I now know WAY more than I want to about Star Wars and Fencing!


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