Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Reading away the Summer

September is knocking away next door! I cannot believe that tomorrow happens to be September 1st! It seems like the last 8 months have FLOWN by. I consider, no matter how hot it is outside, September to be the start of fall. I love to read and as long as I have books waiting on hand, I will read and read till I've read them all. My favorite books to read are extremely cheesy, the Chick-Lit kinds. But they are easy reads that keep me entertained. So at the end of April, I went onto Amazon and purchased 10 books that were left from the collection of authors I enjoy. Starting at the beginning of May, I put the books in order and started to read. Over the past 4 months, I have read over 23 books and I have 5 more I'm starting this week. I have read everything from girly books to Bristol Palin's new one to Safe Haven and The Help. Reading has definitely made the summer go by, given me something to do at the pool while working on a tan and allowed me to take moments out and just relax with a good book!


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