Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chick-fil-A Girl's Night Out

Most days everyone at work talks, hangs out or gossips with each other but we don't all get to hang out at the same time. When I first started at the store, several ladies had a ladies night out that happened every month where they would go to dinner, have a Mary Kay party (or something like that). Those happen to stop shortly after I started working their but recently someone thought to start it up again. While I honestly think once a month is too often, I think we might try to do this little get together every few months! We picked The Funky Paintbrush and I worked a deal out with them where they would open on a day they were closed, Monday which happens to be the slowest day for us. I also made sure that each lady was off last night no matter if they were going or not! That meant an All Boys Night at the store. Finally, we all decided to bring food and drinks and it was FREE! We picked our painting....

The Professional

When we started to paint, I was worried! We outlined everything in Yellow and started to paint!

Getting Started

Finally, we were finishing! 


My Moms

It's amazing how different they can look when you do the exact colors he says to use!

The Group!


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